For over 30 years, GHBP Advogados has paved its road to success, built on ethics and by offering

tailor-made and strategic legal services to
its clients.


The experience gained along this course and the distinguished technical qualification of its staff ally with innovation and technological transformation of the legal market, empowering the constant pursuit of excellence in its professional operation.

The legal services provided by GHBP Advogados is distinguished for the shared experience, the multidisciplinary vision, and the dynamic work that allow facing the client’s concern in an interdisciplinary approach. With this heedful and broad view, GHBP builds an effective, custom-made, and strategic service, working very close to its clients.

Areas and Specialties

GHBP Advogados operates in the entire national territory, in the corporate area, both in legal consulting and litigation, in judicial and administrative cases. For all areas of operation, personalized services may be developed, such as in-house training and other activities that may be tailored to the needs and peculiarities of each client.


The staff of GHBP Advogados has approximately 35 lawyers highly specialized and allocated to the various areas of specialty of the office. A vibrant team that seeks to grasp the needs of the client and to provide a tailor-made and effective service.


Susy Gomes Hoffmann

Susete Gomes

Maurício Bellucci

Sílvia Helena Gomes Piva

Roberto de Faria Miranda


GHBP Advogados is ready for the changes in the market in view of the technological advances, whether in the legal world, in businesses, or in the community in general.

The mindset of GHBP Advogados is aligned with a new way to provide legal services, seeking, as of Business Intelligence (BI), to accurately analyze the data, the scenario, and the information to help in the production of important content for decision-making. For such, ongoing investments in technological tools are made to optimize the processes, with automation of routine tasks, and to generate insight and identify opportunities to unveil new services to the clients.

With this, GHBP Advogados enables its professionals to apply their skills in a strategic and broad fashion.

Social Responsibility

GHBP Advogados, aware of its social responsibility, develops supportive actions to a number of profitless institutions in Campinas/SP, working in specific segments of the society

Today, GHBP Advogados supports the Corsini Center, which shelters children in a condition of abandonment and social vulnerability, or having health problems; the Padre Haroldo Institute, which tends people with chemical dependency; and the Paulo Freire Social Action Institute, which offers part-time service to low-income children from 6 to 14 years of age, offering workshops in a continued education plan to prepare them for social and profession insertion.


Annually GHBP is acknowledged among the most admired law firms of the country, in the Annual Issue of the Análise Advocacia Magazine, both for the distinguished work of its professionals and its specialized areas, and for its expertise in a number of economic and business segments.